If you are interested in coming and flying through one of the most beautiful areas of Chile, we are ready and ready to start an adventure together. Oasisfly Paragliding offers you different alternatives and we adapt to your flight level so that you can enjoy flying during your days in IQUIQUE and most importantly with great safety. Our guides can do it in English as Spanish, we have 4x4 vehicles to access all those unique places of flight in the north of Chile! Do not hesitate to contact us ! We have rental of flight material in size and weight according to your requirement and flight level. You just have to prove a flight license from a Country and a technical test to know your skills. Iquique: We make departures every day of the year around 10:00 am, searching. This flight site is thinking for pilots with a somewhat more defined flight path, the flight requires a very optimal takeoff in wind conditions ideally Cross Takeoff. This site has a height difference of 530 meters. Above sea level. The conditions here you will find are Thermo Dynamics with medium thermal ranging from 01 meters / seconds to a good day 04 meters / seconds. The site is volatile all year round, finding the best flight conditions during the months of October, November and December. Here we can give you the facilities to make flights every morning until after noon. Piltot level end of school until advanced! Palo Buque: Site located 15 km south of IQUIQUE magic dune oriented to the south west prevailing wind in the area, here fly all levels of pilots, from the most novice to pilots with acrobatics aspirations and pilots with the interest of flying longer. This site has conditions most of the time with winds, it also mixes Thermo Dynamic and laminar conditions depending on the weather of each day. Here we arrive at 4:00 pm and we can fly until the end of the day. We have 4X4 vehicles to leave you at the foot of the takeoff of this paradise of flight in Iquique. Ask for your pack! Pisagua: A historic port during the time of the Salitrera industry located almost 200 km north of IQUIQUE has two very nice Syrians flying in high cliffs in front of the Pacific Ocean! Punta Pichalo: It is the first takeoff that we will usually make the wind that also guides here is that of the South Oedte which allows in a farellon of almost 380 meters of unevenness to make a very neat takeoff and make the flight up to about 20 km south. Level: Medium, intermediate and advanced! After a window of plus or minus 2 hours of flight, we will land in the Juanaza sector where, by means of a fishing boat in the area, we will make the rescue and sail for at least 35 minutes through the Chilean sea, seeing different fauna of the area to discover by the sea the town of Pisagua Historic port! Lunch at noon in a typical place, fish and seafood meals in the area. Pisagua Viejo: In the afternoon this fantastic tea coastal flight will give you a unique view of what is the Tiliviche Canyon, the end of this ravine and down the River that ends at this point of the Chilean Sea. Thermodynamic conditions very active easy to climb and contemplate a unique view over the sea of Pisagua. Advanced intermediate level!
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