How does it work? 1. Book ONLINE now. 2. We will pick you up where you are staying in Iquique. 3. We will give you: A helmet, flight harness, flight diver and an explanation of how it will take place in practice. 4. After a short explanation of despair you will already be with your feet in the air and the next thing is to enjoy. 5. 20 minutes in the air. 6. The landing will be defined by each pilot in the reference of the daily weather conditions. Payment system? 1.You must pay your flight at least 24 hours in advance. 2. We receive electronic transfers and cash payments. Oasisfly Paragliding Return Policy: The cancellation of the activity must be at least 12 hours in advance. The money back is 85%, due to the costs generated by the activity Photo and video service? This registration has a cost of $ 12,000 per person additional to the Basic flight which can be canceled at the time of the end of your flight, let's make about 100 photos + a couple of clips of your flight no more than 5 minutes of recording. You must have available space on your cell phone of at least 3 GB free for post-flight registration transfer. Previous experience? No previous experience required! Minimum weight for panoramic flights of 25 kg in the case of children and up to 135 in the case of adults. In Oasisfly Paragliding, we have flown with people with different abilities questions through the communication channels in our contact section. Security and Certification All our pilots have the accreditation required by the General Directorate of Aeronautics of Chile and also by the National Tourism Service of our Country.
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