We offer Paragliding initiation courses, it is aimed at people who never flew and want to start the world of flying in PARAPENTE. Unlike other flight sites Iquique has very viable conditions for the practice of this sport, that is why we conduct courses in a shorter period of time than other flight sites. It is a progressive course in which the student, must be fulfilling a certain evolution within this for the following phases of progress, to get to achieve the autonomy necessary to fly a PARAPENT. COURSE CONTENT Before starting the course, the student will have a two-seater paragliding introduction flight with their future instructor. From day one to day three of the course they are assigned to the practices of candle control on the ground, where you will learn first what to do all the equipment and then the inflation and control of the paraglider on the ground. When we know how to control the wing and have good control on the ground, we start the first flights from a height of 5 meters high and progressively we will increase in height and duration. 1.) Height Flights: The constant paragliding Pilot course of the 5 height flights. All high-altitude flights are made with radio. An instructor directs and controls the takeoff and the first part of the flight, while another takes care of the approach and landing. In the first flights, the student receives instructions on everything he should do during the flight and little by little, he will let him take the initiative and decide for himself how to do the take-off, flight, approach and landing maneuvers; always under the control of the instructor and radio communication. 2.) Practical content: Presentation of the material, preparation, revision and placement of the chair, inflation practices and control of the wing on the ground with loose wind, ground races to notice the first sensations of lift, short flights of low height, takeoff and landing, smooth turns, approach. Accelerator use. Initiation to the flight in ancestry (dynamic and thermal). Rapid descent practices with “ears”. 3.) Theoretical Content: "Flight technique": Turns, approximation, particular cases. "Aerology": Wind, breezes, ancestry, stability and instability. “Security”: Take-off, flight and landing hazards. Theoretical use of the emergency parachute. Fundamentals of flight and aerodynamics: Fineness, fall rate, speed, polar speeds. II.- Places where the course is held: For courses it takes place 15 km away. To the south of Iquique in the Palo Buque sector, it is the most flexible and viable place for paragliding, especially the courses, because it is an unimpeded place of any kind and the prevailing wind is the best for the level of students In the important course it is to highlight the level of trust that the place grants for students. After day 7 we will take off the Alto Hospicio located at 490 meters. Above sea level, from here we will make our great and first high altitude flight of our students. Always guided and monitored by radios and take-off charge instructor. Here we will finish our second stage of the course until day 14 seeing the most technical of this flight and guided practices and giving certain autonomy to our students always under the supervision of our instructors. At the end of the course, the student must be able to make flights without the help of the instructor in easy places and with quiet aerology. III.- Certification: Once the course is completed, we will issue a certificate to the student with which the student can take the DGAC exams to obtain his paragliding operator credential with which he is authorized to operate within our entire country. IV.-Post-course link: The school offers alumni to remain under the eaves of the instructors some time after the end of the course. The idea is that graduates have a membership group and expert advice for their first flights without the guidance of an instructor. The time span may vary from student to student. VI.- PAYMENT: Contact the school to see payment methods. Paragliding Pilot Course Price $ 1,200,000 / CLP The duration of the course is 14 days of practice. 4 to 5 hours per day of training. Transportation to flight sites. (Palo Vessel and Alto Hospicio) Book "Paragliding Initiation". Paragliding with school approval and appropriate size. Flight chair and parachute. Helmet and Radio 2 two-seater flight instructions.
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