Incluid: 20 Minutes of Flight Transfer to flight zone $ 50.000
Incluid: 20 Minutes of Flight Transfer to flight zone Photos &videos Captured whit a GoPro camera $ 60.000
If you have never flown in paragliding and you want to feel the sensation of flying, the easiest thing is to make a Tandem or Tandem flight with pilots specialized in paragliding and highly experienced with more than 25 years of flight. The two-seater paraglider is designed to carry the weight of two people (pilot and passenger); No need for the passenger to have any previous experience with the Paragliding flight. There is no limit of age or physical condition some steps and you will already be in the air ... The tandem flight, with a two-seater paraglider, is suitable for practically everyone, from children to older people (in Oasisfly Paragliding, we have flown with children from 5 years old to over 94 years old). To fly in tandem you do not need to be in a special physical form. However, if you have any disability do not hesitate to tell us. Before takeoff we will give you a BRIEFING (take-off and flight instruction). The takeoff is performed as in a normal Paraglider and is controlled at all times by the pilot. Once in the air you will be comfortably seated in the flight chair until the moment of landing. What includes ? Transfer to the flight area. 20 minutes of flight. Approximate according to the weather Set with gift photographs (made from land). Which will be uploaded to our facebook portal and from there they must access and recover them. For the pictures and videos of Full Panoramic flight, must will consider space on your Movil Phone 2 Gigas free of memory ! Flight locations Alto Hospicio located at 530 meters above sea level normally flight site during the morning hours starting at 10:00 am. Palo Buque at 15 km. south of the city of Iquique, departures in the afternoon from 4:00 pm, to be confirmed with our office. Flight capacity Maximum capacity per departure is 4 passengers simultaneously.
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